Hey my name is Samuel, im 25 years old and living in Lower Austria, Austria.
I've studied Arts & Photography at the University of Fine Arts in Vienna until 2019 and been focusing on 3D since I've dropped out. 

This website was made for grant-purposes regarding to a music video i am working on for the last 7 months.
I've added a couple of renders to kinda complete this portfolio. 

I would be very happy to work for axonbody as I'm mainly looking for an engaging job.

You can reach me everytime at my mailadress: haller.samuel0@gmail.com or on instagram.com/saeaemuel/ 


Hairgrooming - System in Houdini 

Helmet Design based on a Horseshoe crab. (ZBrush + Blender)

this is the current state of ALIVE / nothing here is final

This is me on vacation hehe